Biteplane/ Orthosis – This is used to treat muscle related temporomandibular disorders (TMD) or to protect the patient’s teeth during nighttime bruxism.

CBCT Scan – A computerized tomography scan is used to review anatomic structures three-dimensionally.  Typically performed prior to placement of dental implants.

Diagnostic Wax Up – This provides a “blueprint” of the proposed treatment.  This is performed on dental casts prior to initiating treatment.

Equilibration – A procedure to conservatively reshape the teeth and to help equalize the forces placed upon the teeth during contact.

Fixed Partial Denture – A prosthesis (bridge) that spans a space between natural teeth or dental implants.

Immediate Denture – A denture that is made to be inserted at the time the remaining teeth are extracted.  The denture will need to be relined or remade in 6 – 12 months.

Implant Abutment – That which is attached to the implant.  In turn, it can receive a crown or other prosthetic devices.

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Mandible – Lower jaw

Maxilla – Upper jaw

Occlusal analysis – This is an evaluation of the function of the teeth and jaws.  Impressions of the teeth/jaws and specific measurements are required to perform this analysis.

Orthognathic Surgery – A surgical procedure to correct skeletal problems.   Performed by an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Overlay Prosthesis – A denture that fits over dental implants and any substructures (bars) that may be attached to the implants.  This prosthesis is removable by the patient.

Provisional Restorations – These “temporary” restorations are made from materials that will last much longer than temporary restorations.   They are also used to test the “bite” or to further establish a diagnosis.

Soft Tissue Liners (Viscogel) – Are used after initial placement of an immediate denture and can facilitate tissue healing

Surgical Template – A surgical template is made and used by the implant team to correctly position the dental implant(s)

Tissue Bar – Placed on dental implants, they aid in retaining and/or supporting the denture.