Do you have a patient like this?

Case Study

Patient Sally (not her real name) was referred to me by another dental professional in the area as Sally’s needs were more complex than they wanted to take on.

I met with Sally for a Comprehensive Examination, then for a diagnostic records appointment, which was then followed by a Consultation appointment. Her Chief Complaint was “I’m not able to chew right and I have lost several teeth because of abscesses.”

As a prosthodontist, I have experience planning treatment plans over several months (sometimes years) and will coordinate with other dental specialists when the treatment plan requires.

  • Maxillary Arch
    • Extractions of remaining maxillary teeth
      • Maxillary Immediate Denture
        • Reline or remake of maxillary denture
  • Mandibular Arch
    • Fixed Partial Denture 22-27
    • Implants # 19, 20, 29, 30
      • Custom abutments and crowns
    • Crowns # 21, 28, 31

When the treatment was completed the patient was delighted with her new smile and her ability to chew appropriately.